Neutrino High Speed Telemetry System

in Sep 18, 2019

Wolverine OFT is pushing the limits on what is possible in MWD Telemetry. While testing the Neutrino Pulsers and Surface Decoding at speeds up to 10 Bits per second and 0.064 Pulse widths, engineers are set out to prove that our technology can operate effectively and reliably at half those speeds. Wolverine OFT is producing[…]

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Wolverine OFT Completes Successful 475 RST Run

in Jul 23, 2019

Time to celebrate! Wolverine OFT is excited to announce that our team has successfully drilled a curve and lateral with the 475 Series Rotary Steerable Tool. During this weeks morning update, Wolverine OFT CEO, Bryan Gonsoulin shared the good news with the company. “It takes a special team of dedicated and hard working Engineers, Technical[…]

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